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Yoli's Cucina
and Crafthouse

We feed you like family

Who We Are

Yolanda went by the nickname Yoli. She was the cornerstone and matriarch of the family. She was known for her compassionate spirit and her delicious cooking. Every Sunday she would have the entire family over for pasta and meatballs. This is why we use the name, Sunday Sauce, for our house pasta sauce. Yoli made sure that no one left her table hungry. Second helpings were always a must. The memories from around her table full of laughter with her, aunts, uncles and many cousins are some of Ben's best memories of his childhood. Ben quickly learned growing up that feeding family with great food and showing love were synonymous in the DiGregory household. This is why the tag line for Yoli's Cucina and Craft house is, We feed you like family. We want to make sure that when you come in to dine with family, friends, or even a quick bite by yourself that with every bite you take you feel like a part of our Yoli's Cucina family. We strive to make sure that the food we prepare for you, the service we provide and the experience you have are exceptional. After all, Grandma Yoli's legacy is on the line and that is a lot to live up to.


Nothing brought our large family together like Grandma Yoli's cooking. If you came to her house and told her you weren't hungry, she would call your bluff and give you double. Our large portions and family style accompaniments are a direct reflection of the love Yoli showed us through her food. So if you come to our table, just like her's, you better be hungry.